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Copertina del libro: Guide to Vicenza New English edition

Autore: Angelo Colla
Guide to Vicenza
New English edition

Pages 216

164 black an white plates


Collana: Libri vicentini

Isbn: 978-88-94754-14-8
Prezzo: 15,00 Euro


Vicenza is the city of Andrea Palladio, under the aegis of UNESCO with 26 buildings and works of art that are included in the list of world-heritage monuments. However, Vicenza is not only a Renaissance but also a beautiful Gothic city and much more than that, which can be admired by eager tourists, as long as they are provided with a suitable guidebook enabling them to discover its beauty.

Such a precious tool for art lovers had been missing so far. Angelo Colla’s guidebook, brand new in texts and pictures, finally fills up the void. It is a historical-artistic guide, meticulous and exhaustive as for the content, but at the same time easy to consult, pleasant, appealing in style, and above all, practical and handy.