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Copertina del libro: The Language of Line A Treatese on the Practice of Drawing

Autore: Eric Hebborn
The Language of Line
A Treatese on the Practice of Drawing

192 pages, 250 diagrams, 83 black and white plates

Collana: Repertori e manuali

Isbn: 978-88-947541-2-4
Prezzo: 28,00 Euro


The Language of Line is a short treatise on drawing, a guide to the art of drawing and a manual that teaches one how to draw.

Eric Hebborn’s posthumous book is his most important to date. This manuscript, discovered among his various papers and documents, puts forward Hebborn’s claims that a common denominator exists between all really good drawings, independent of time and place and even the artists who produced them. Hebborn spent his life studying the works of the Old Masters and gained worldwide recognition for his ability to draw in the style of Michelangelo, Rembrandt, van Dyck, Piranesi, Breughel, Gainsborough, and many others.

Hebborn’s innovative way of studying drawings brings us closer to a real understanding of how the combination of strokes used by the great masters defined their particular styles.

The Language of Line not only explains the fundamental elements of line drawing but also serves as a useful tool for teachers who want to develop their students’ appreciation of various types of drawings and artistic compositions.